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What's inside the ATF Starter Box

ATF Premium Kinesio Tape

Our Premium Kinesio Tape are made from premium quality materials and strong adhesive. You can guarantee that it will last up to 7 days when applied. This tape is suitable for joint support and proven to helps in reducing pain on injured muscle.

ATF Premium Rigid Tape

Our Premium Rigid Tape are made of the highest tensile strength materials with a strong adhesive. Whenever you need a good support on your injured joints or extra protection during sports this is your go to tape!

ATF Premium Underwrap

Have a sensitive skins that easily irritate whenever applying adhesives on your skins? Our Premium underwrap is here to help with its hypoallergic property it well to protect your skin when your apply the rigid tape. Your precious hair is also safe withwhen our underwrap is applied! 

ATF Premium EAB

Elastic Adhesive Bandage on in short EAB is a versatile tape that can be used to give good support without restricting your joint movement too much! Is famous among rugby players as well as weightlifters who use EAB to support and protect their thumbs!

ATF Premium ECB

Elastic Cohesive Bandage is also known as ECB or ‘Socks Tape’ among footballer is another multipurpose tape that can be use for many ocassion. Be it to support connect your grip socks with playing socks, support your joint as well as use to hold up ice when you have injury! You name it 🙂

ATF Premium Finger Tape

Our Premium Finger Tape is the our latest product available in the market. Having similar property similar to our Premium Rigid Tape, the diameter of the tape is slightly smaller and designed specifically to protect your fingers joints! Sports like volleyball, futsal and rugby love to use this tape 🙂